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5/3 Solenoid Valves - G1/2 Ports


•Monostable Solenoid/Spring: 2.5 bar to 10 bar

•Bistable Solenoid/Solenoid: 1 to 10 bar

Minimum actuation pressure: 2.5 bar

Operating temperature range: -10°C to 60°C

Nominal diameter: 15mm

Flow rate at 6 bar: Δ P 1 bar: 4600NI/min

Absorbed power: 2W (DC) 3VA (AC)

Voltages tolerances: -10°C to +15°C

Degree of protection: IP65 - DIN 40050

Solenoid rating ED: 100% ED

Max temp. at 100%: Solenoid rating: 70°C at 20°C ambient temperature

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