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Oil Level Indicator - Plastic Housing

Thermoplastic level gauge made from high density, transparent Polyamide resin, which provides good mechanical resistance and is impervious to oil, gasoline, lubricants, mineral, petroleum, solvents and most chemicals (technical tables of chemical resistance available on request). Avoid contact with alcohol, ethanol, methanol and cooling agent with high concentration of glycol. Excellent dimensional stability at low and high temperature. Max temp 100°C (212 F), max working pressure 4 bar. These level gauges are used in oil and fuel tanks of many types, due to their ability to remain clear in the majority of conditions.

  • Model SLVT is equipped with an inside thermometer, scaled in degrees Celcius 0-100°C and Fahrenheit 50-200.
  • Model SLV/210 (no reference to the above drawing) features three bolts, a flat rubber seal on the back and an adjustable MIN/MAX indicator.

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