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Press-Fit Filler Breather with Filter

Press-fit filler breathers, with easy grip vertical ribs. These filler breathers are not threaded, but fit snugly into a pre-drilled hole and seal by means of ‘O’ rings located in the stem.

  • Hole tolerances: - 0 + 0.1mm.
  • These filler breathers are produced from thermoplastic polymide 66 which offers high mechanical resistance at both lower and higher temperatures (100°C (212 F) max.).
  • Standard colour is black, red lid, with encased the UNI fill symbol and the text “OIL”. (TP - TPF).
  • Seals: 2 Oil resistant ‘O’ Rings, NBR 70 shore.
  • The filler breather model TPF has a large breathing capacity, and is applied where a high volume of air change takes place, in example, hydraulic systems that utilise high ratio hydraulic cylinders.
  • They are not recommended for usage on mobile equipment, where strong movement of the oil tank is present.

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