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Safety Excess Flow Check Valves

The safety excess flow check valve is designed to automatically shut off air flow upon a sudden break in the air line, thereby protecting personnel and property from “whipping” air hoses. Allows full unrestricted flow of air flow while in normal open position. Entire unit is corrosion free. It automatically re-sets itself after repair is made. Unit is tamper-proof. Meets OSHA safety regulations.

TECHNICAL DATA: Select the same nominal size safety valve as the hose size leading to therespective air tool. Air flow must be in the direction of the arrow marked in the check valve. A safety check valve should be installed for use before each air tool. The actual length of hose from safety check valve to air tool must not exceed a certain length depending upon the inlet pressure. The volume of air flow (CFM) through an air line will vary according to its length. A longer line will offer more resistance to flow and thus reduce the volume. The length of a hose extending from the safety valve to the air tool must, therefore, be limited to a certain length to insure sufficient flow to trigger the safety valve in case of a break. Check with us for hose length limitations. The closing flow rate (CFM) at various inlet pressure can be obtained from the flow rate chart.


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