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Hand Operated Assembly Machine

  • Crimping machine for easy ad safe assembly of low-pressure hoses from 2mm to 25mm Hose I.D.
  • Clean: Exact assembling of fitting, hose and socket through centric crimping of the socket.
  • Cheap: Fast assembling at reasonable cost.
  • Safe: Improved safety through perfect fit.
  • SPR 333 with two crimping-jaw sets for crimping range from 2mm to 10mm and from 10mm to 19mm.
  • SPR 500 with three quick-change crimping-jaw sets.
  • Flexible: For mobile use.

E.G. FOR FITTING: Pneumatic-Connect., QuickCouplings - SPR-333 Claw Couplings, Screwing Sets - SPR-500


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