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Brass Filler Plug with Filter

Threaded metal plugs made from brass, asbestos-free flat seal (aluminium washers available). Two breather holes are located under the hex head, providing an adequate airflow capacity. - KMF model is equipped with a metal filter inside, (filtration degree 50 µ), to avoid pollution of the oil. The KMF version is used when venting of the reservoir is required, in case of over-pressurisation. The pre-tensioned spring of the valve will allow the valve disc to be lifted from its seat at a pressure of .20 - .25 bar (3-3.6 PSI), thus allowing the air to escape; when the pressure is reduced after venting, the valve will close and stop air to entering the reservoir, it will also prevent oil overflow through the plug’s valve due to oil movement whilst in the closed position. These plugs are applied in gear reducers, gearboxes, bearing housing and transmissions of all kinds.


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