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Male Stud Elbow - Taper

The materials of which these fittings are made can be used in the food industry. The brass parts are chemically treated with phosphorus nickel-plating according to the NSF® /ANSI 51 standard of the food programme. The seals are made of FDA-approved FKM/FPM. There is no technopolymer in the fitting, which solves the problems of incompatibility with detergents and other chemicals. With these materials, the fittings can be used up to 150°C, which make them suitable for high-temperature applications other than the food industry.The threads are cylindrical and under-head O-rings provide a pneumatic seal. This avoids the need for sealants (e.g. Teflon®), which could release solid fragments during screwing and unscrewing that would contaminate the environment or the fluid.
Our fittings can be screwed and unscrewed any number of times and still remain clean and pneumatically sealed. This choice of materials and treatments make these fittings suitable for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and electronics industry.

  • Threaded port.............. M5 - G1/8” - G1/4” - G3/8” - G1/2”
  • Pipe diameter (mm).............. Ø 4 - Ø6 - Ø8 - Ø10
  • Temperature range.............. (°C) -20 ÷ +150 / (°F) -4 ÷ 302
  • Pressure range.............. -0,99 bar ÷ 16 bar / -0,099 MPa ÷ 1,6 MPa
  • Recommended pipe.............. RilsanPA 11 - Nylon 6 - Polyamide 12 - Polypropylene
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