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Compressed Air Dryer

Any form of moisture in a compressed air line has the potential to cause costly downtime, machine damage and product spoilage.

The highly efficient Pro Dry range is recommended as an integral part of a sophisticated compressed air system, which will provide significant cost benefits if correctly maintained.

This intelligent dryer has additional energy saving features, which link with a compressor control system and reduce air consumption during periods of low demand.

The compact size of the Pro Dry ensures that installation (vertical or horizontal) is simple and versatile.

The Pro Dry range of desiccant dryers are designed to eliminate moisture problems in compressed air systems. When used in accordance with Walker Filtration coalescing filters; the Pro Dry reduces moisture levels to -40°C (-40°F) and -70°C (-94°F) pressure dewpoint.

  • Pro Dry features easy removable desiccant cartridges with integral 1 micron dust filter.
  • For additional security, Walker Filtration recommends fitting an RX1 dust filter to the outlet.
  • All models are supplied together with an XA pre-filter.
  • Additional filtration, including a water separator, is recommended for high loaded inlet conditions.
  • Standard models operate at 7 barg; for other pressures, please specify at time of order.
  • D215, PD275 and PD365 are duplex systems.
Port BSP
Inlet Flow Rate Nm3/h

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