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DROPOUT Point Of Use Dryer

ALL IN ONE solution - Dropout® removes liquid water and other contaminants at a wide range of flow rates without the need for replacement filter elements - a proven revolution in the treatment of compressed air!
Dropout®’s robust and reliable performance coupled with particulate removal down to 0.5 microns and without the need for costly replacement consumables equals a significant reduction in whole life costs when compared with traditional air cleaning products.

• Guaranteed 99.995% liquid water removal
• Particulate removal DOWN to 1 micron
• No mains power required
• Complements or replaces other water removal equipment
• No consumables
• Easy to clean and install
• No requirement for replacement filter cartridges
• Performance does not depend on the compressed air having a stable flow rate or high velocity
• Low cost of ownership
• Maintenance free
• Includes wall bracket & drain valve
• Minimal inlet/outlet pressure drop
• Sealed for life aluminium housing

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