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Medical Sterile Filters MS

Our range of alpha series medical sterile filters has been specifically designed for medical compressed air plants, as used in hospitals throughout the world. This range meets all requirements of the UK Health Technical Memorandum 02-01 guidance on medical gas pipeline systems.

  • Filter element endcaps are stainless steel.
  • Direction of air flow is outside to in through the filter elements.
  • Pop up indicators (65DPUG) are fitted to models A028 MS to A058 MS as standard. Differential pressure indicators (65DPIG) are fitted to models A059 MS to A390 MS as standard.
  • Manual drain valves are fitted to all models. Models A059 MS to A390MS can be adapted to use 1/4” drains with a reducer.
  • Medical sterile filter elements must not operate in water or oil saturated conditions.
  • Maximum steam sterilising temperature refers to the filter element ONLY. Grade SR filter elements can be steam sterilised 100 times. Each element must be autoclaved before commencement of duty.
  • Pre-filtration should be used in conjuction with 0.01 micron sterile filters.
Port BSP
Flow Rate Nm3/h SCFM

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