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Oil Removal Filter

Syntesi® is an important milestone achieved by Metal Work, the result of thirty years’ experience producing air-treatment units. It has been studied in minute detail to obtain the best possible performance in a reduced space and with limited weight. The capacity is much higher than that of other units of the same size. This modular unit features a very simple yet effective system that requires no brackets, stay bolts or yoke for assembling the elements.

  • Max input pressure bar: 15 (size 1) and 13 (size 2).

  • Suggested flow rate at 6.3 bar (0.63 MPa; 91 psi) NI/min: 460 (size 1) and 620 (size 2)

  • Blow capacity cm3: 15 (size 1) and 40 (size 2)

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