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Auto Drain

AutoDrain is an automatic drain able to discharge condensation cyclically.

AutoDrain has a built-in timed electronic circuit, a condensation sensor and an assisted-drive solenoid valve, which opens at pre-established intervals. The opening time varies according to the actual quantity of condensation at the installation point. This allows to limit compressed air waste to a minimum.

AutoDrain does not require setting waiting and discharge times in that the product is totally self-calibrating. The front control panel contains two LEDs displaying power supply and drain state. A button permits to control the drain manually.

AutoDrain is extremely small and can be installed in any position and anywhere in a compressed air installation. To make it’s installation easier AutoDrain comes complete with a DIN 43650 connector for power supply and with an Easy Lock three-part fitting for pneumatic connection.

  • Auto adjust time setting
  • Compressor capacity 3600 m3/h
  • Drier capacity 7200 m3/h
  • Filter capacity 36000 m3/h
  • Working pressure 0.2 ÷ 16 bar
  • Voltage 115V - 230V
  • Weight 175 g

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