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Pneu-Power -High Suction Conveying

The Beckair Pneu-Power is a bladeless, motorless fan which connects to flexible hose and gives high vacuum or high flow for conveying and extracting all kinds of materials in process, food and manufacturing industries.

Using a small volume of compressed air as the power source, the Pneu-Power utilises the “Coanda” effect to draw larger volumes of ambient air into the device to amplify the air flow by up to 25 times.

The Pneu-Power has very high performance and is capable of moving material over very long distances.

  • No moving parts - means the Pneu-Power is maintenance free
  • No electricity required - means they are safe to use with liquids and wet material
  • Adjustable flow control- using air valve and inlet pressure
  • Energy efficient - means low running costs
  • Quiet operation (less than 80 dB(A)

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