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Clustajet Ventilators

  • Clustajet ventilators are a compressed air operated fan which utilise our Ringjet technology to create a robust, maintenance free, high performance ventilator.
  • Because the Clustajet uses compressed air, no electrical supply is needed making it suitable for safe use in damp or wet locations.
  • Multiple Ringjets are positioned inside a steel casing to create a space rocket jet effect which gives the unit it’s high performance. For a given airflow, Clustajets are lighter in weight and smaller than equivalent electric fans.
  • No moving parts - means the Clustajet is maintenance free.
  • No electricity required - means they are safe to use in damp or wet locations.
  • Adjustable flow control - using the control valve.

Standard Clustajets are manufactured from a strong welded steel casing. Other options include: Plastic and Flexible Hose

Hose Size inches
Air Inlet BSP inches

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