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NSF Registered Silicone Lubricant

For use in the food industry where incidental food contact may occur. Excellent versatile lubricant; odourless, colourless & tasteless. A blend of high quality, stable silicone oils. The highly versatile, non-corrosive formula lubricates, protects, waterproofs and restores a wide range of parts & equipment. Ensures superior lubrication of plastics and provides excellent anti-friction properties.

  • NSF H1 registered (N° 138000) meets USDA 1998 H1, to be used as a lubricant with possible incidental food contact
  • Excellent general lubricating properties
  • Forms a colourless, non-staining film
  • Highly water-resistant and repels water from treated areas
  • Eliminates squeaking, binding and sticking
  • Protects metals, plastics, rubbers and other surfaces
  • Effective over a wide temp range: (-40°C to +200°C)
  • Fitted with 360° Spray System for all angle use, even upside down
NSF Silicone Lubricant400ml
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